Rainbow Dust Every Day

Denali here updating you on the current Twinkle products applications. Today's product is the Rainbow Dust Spray, easy and quick to apply, maybe too easy because I wear it every day! I don’t mind though it makes my coat so shiny and bright, I get way more attention with my Twinkle on. After a simple brushing to get off any loose dirt my mom shakes up a bottle of her favorite color Rainbow Dust and sprays it all over my mane, tail and body, stopping once or twice for a quick shake or two to keep the glitter swirling and going on evenly. She is very careful around my face not to get any in my eyes. The gold is my favorite Rainbow Dust color, it is subtle but stunning on my buckskin coat. No one knows I'm wearing glitter just that my coat is glistening. Now pink that’s a different story, its fine when were in the ring but I can’t be seen wearing pink out in the field, I will lose all credibility in the herd so I roll the first chance I get.